Internet Blues

Internet Blues? Think you have problems: I was spammed by a Nigerian bandit promising redemption into adopting his Zulu mother-in-law who then granted life estates to her five militant sons. This having occurred along with continually being reminded of certain, ah "inadequacies" which I initially thought were from an old girlfriend or mis-routed e-mailings between high-level politicians. Thereafter following a series of computer crashes, viruses, user related illnesses and operations my home was re-possessed and I was compelled put my wife up for adoption and live in my car. I then totaled my car while multi-tasking on my auto-visual cellphone. Soon after my dog and pet turtle left seeking better environments. I now have a small sidewalk residence, my computer my only possession and a modest pencil retail business while seeking pro-bono therapy. Needless to say I cannot begin to express my feelings regarding the convenience, freedom and leisure this modern technological wonder has afforded.

Eulogy: "At first it in was a novelty, then a habit and then a necessity".
Now seriously folks, if you can laugh you can live.

  • And what ever happen to the simple things and pleasures like doing next to nothing? Sitting under a tree enjoying the serenity and wonders of nature, being cuddly
    with kids your pets, a good book or some soothing inspirational music.

  • Have we been so commercially programmed that we can't fathom these so called time saving conveniences and entertainment modes are actually having a negative overall affect on our well-being and contrarily are becoming our masters while distorting our sense of perspective (let alone health related issues, disposal and toxic residues, etc.).

    Therefore let us be of moderation while bearing in mind what's sustainable, least costly and of greatest value. - bk


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