On occasion we would spend time with friends . . . or "OurGang". Allowing the imp to come out like pirates we'd sit around weaving outlandish lists and plots, most never attempted, those that were of good humor leaving the victim with a perplexed grin.

Sometimes in summer we would all go to "the Gorge", our favorite skinny dipping hole. Some of the more adventurous would dive from huge boulders dropping dramatically into cool, deep pools. In some places water would flow into shallows forming natural Jacuzzis. Along its course over hung Madrones. We would spend hours swinging out on branches into lagoon-like pools and lounging on the smooth boulders.

I can still feel the gentle breeze caress on my tanned glistening skin. Being unclothed had unexpected equalizing effects. People were just people, and everyone seemed to get along the better for it.

Taking our brightly colored van we'd seek out other uniquely scenic spots to explore such as a majestic ancient forest within the "See-Can't-Yous". Hiking beside brook and stream and colonnades of fir and pine bathed in the morning light, the peace almost unreal, it's as if in a sense we'd entered another world ... a lost Garden. Nightfall would find us camping under the forest's canopy, star gazing, at times the heavens seemed almost animate as if telepathically twinkling esoteric messages of greater knowledge and beauty. Now and then we'd happen on a hot spring, the healthy waters soothing and washing our cares away re-uniting us with a sense of the interconnectedness of life.

Another of our favorite past-times was to bicycle on rural dirt roads outside town into the surround ing countryside where old barns of by-gone era stood in pasture lands. Things were especially lovely during late spring when wildflowers prolifically lined roadsides under overarching oak and maple. There were plenty of berries to pick in the fall too, especially the black ones from which our hands soon turned deep purple.

Yes, life could be so fine . . . we could spend hours and hours, even lifetimes, immersed in such sublime past-times . . . we just have to get the "knack" of how to go about it right away . . .

Don't you agree ! *

inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon..

From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, short stories, meditations,
poetry and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.


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