Gathering Light ... a collection of sensual, spiritual, visionary dreamscapes, inspirational writings: poetry, prose and music. Meditation and muses, an esoteric journey of soul seeking transformation in white light experiences, out of body experiences, by brad kalita.


Words of Wisdom & Inspiration:

In order for peace and harmony to be achieved people demand justice first & then consider forgiveness and compassion. Though such qualities go hand in hand we have seen throughout the ages what such prioritization has achieved. There comes a time in everyone's life when one must lay-aside and no longer waste time remorsing or focusing on unfulfilled requirements or desires, but prioritize being in one's Higher Nature. - Therefore achieving all that is needed, and thereby through acquired perspective all that is desirable.

I can bring into realization the greatest of treasures, but in truth it is not I, but the mind that finally listens through the heart, to what the soul has always known. - brad kalita

A love for all things - Transcending Worldly Barriers:

Your most effective method or instrument to dispel misconceptions and maintain health and a holistic wholesome well-being, is to vitalize as much as possible your higher, greater nature (or Christ Spirit) permeating your physical being and overlaying ethereal bodies. This universal essence or life force, to the degree one elevates one's self into their finer nature can not only neutralize of all forms of negatives, but miraculously transform them into positives - Often blissfully experienced as being bathed throughout oneís entire being in soft, warm, gentle, light. Jesus of Christ; 'For you will do as much, and even more ... the truth that frees of the heart and heavenly kingdom within' - bk

The Big Picture ... Confronting and narrowing down through heart &
mind the most profoundly important purpose for life:

We are all in a world of examples and opportunities from the sublime to the horrid with free will to learn the priceless beneficial meaning of the diversity of truth and that which brings about the greatest harmony for all things.

When we pass-over it makes the most sense we move to a level consistent with our evolution to then live amongst those closest to our level ... Of course this would mean on each extreme there would be a heaven as well as a hell. Hell being having to live with others of the same hurtful nature, or only victimizers, with only one liberating option ... up - Given we already had the earthly opportunity to do good for its own sake, then failing given one final option ... Evolve to a higher level, but under much more difficult and unpleasant circumstances, or continue to suffer at the hands of those of likewise twisted natures. This would seem overly the perfectly just and highly motivating environmental fall-back system.

Thereís a another possibility which is the most benevolent and inclusive: To demonstrate the ramifications of acting irresponsibly and inharmoniously we are placed on planet (earth) where God seems irrelevant and largely non-intervening to appreciate the contrast with our truest of homes, and thereby after passing-over do everything we can to remain and maintain a comparably wonderful existence. I have reservations about such a possibility, since it does not seem as character building. Whatís amazing is many of the most intelligent people donít seem to realize these as logical and credible possibilities, and therefore risk their futures by continually conducting themselves in abusive, greedy and or apathetic manner ... which ironically would seem the opposite of intelligence. - brad kalita

Affirmation to oneís self:

Aspiring to the greatest inner and outer harmony naturally bathes one in the wellsprings of life ... giving a wonderful sense of wellness and lightness of being, that can evolve into a luminous, radiant, transcendent serenity ... and ultimately the purest essence of that which gives, sustains and perpetuates the greatest refinement of life.

Itís reasonable that people will have their own interpretation what is best and question "Goodness for its Own Sake", yet when with an open mind and heart when one is purifying motives in the broadest sense whatís of greater good will tend to converge with others of similar aspiration along with a willingness to compromise and make allowances until a better understanding is reached, as much peace and harmony possible being paramount. Extreme violent behavior restrained or dealt with in accordance to the degree of the act.

Such an approach could be applied to hot spots around the world, such as the middle-east in a down to a earth practical manner when both sides realize where there are clearly no winners with ultimately disaster on the horizon. Extremists minorities driving destructive agendas could then be controlled through networking by threatened stakeholders down to the neighborhood level. - bk

Many major conventional fundamental religious doctrines state man as an individual totally dependent on the inflow of God into his being and therefore like dirt nothing without the benevolence and grace of God. One must ask oneself if having children, if they would consider them, especially as adults nothing without their parental benevolence ... and furthermore, what kind of being would deny another of their intrinsic self-worth, especially if a benefit to their communities and having striven for its own sake the highest of truth and ideals largely on their own accord. What satisfaction could a God possible gain in creating and then in effect programming "religious robots" of no original self-actualized internal value whose primary purpose is to enshrine, worship, serve and obey in large part to secure the promise of their continual existence. This is not to stereo-type all such categories of the religious as such, but to point out too literal an interpretation by some. Freeing oneself by freeing others: Everyone wants to be liked and respected, but like children many try to impress materially or by striving for power and status. In other words being the best in the wrong ways, which bring out the worst in them. Failing to realize one is always a winner when trying in the right ways. Impressing others is actually quite simply just genuinely, respectfully caring through perceiving the potential and good in others or special qualities in the dull or ignorant. By doing so, freeing-up such latent qualities not only in others but oneself ... In other words simply aspiring to the highest level of thinking, feeling, and doing.

So simple yet profound, as in goodness, happiness, peace and beauty for its own sake here and now. - brad kalita

Creating a MasterPiece from the Garbage of Life
... Aspiring to our higher natures while working on the messy stuff.

There are many religions and sage philosophies that have ideals that serve to inspire and remind us of our wondrous potential to thrive and flourish. Unfortunately, such beliefs, at least in part fall short in being the most useful practically when applied on a daily basis. This is a result of people naturally wanting to over-simply life situations, being less than honest with themselves, blaming others while preferring the false security of one fits all approaches and solutions. Yet in reality life is complex, unfair and unpredictable while constantly in flux requiring one to accommodate the diversity of truths, become emotionally resilient and adept at "bending", keeping the bigger and long-term picture in mind, while staying alert, insightful and originally imaginatively innovative. - All in a real-time here and now approach and application in guiding effectively often convoluted situations non-confrontationally towards satisfactory resolutions

Not a very idealistically inspiring, but a necessary ingredient, required by all approaches to life, regardless of faith or perspective.

Yet there's a bonus: When the ultimate goal is to achieve for all the most harmonious possible outcome and you see it through, you acquire a priceless sense of proper direction and self-worth while likewise granting it to others, drawing-out their finer qualities while becoming a genuine person of character - With the additional boon of thereafter vastly improving your opportunities ... not to mention your prospects beyond. ... Some will even see you as extraordinary when as an average person over time having simply cultivated a natural resonance and alignment with all that harmoniously sustains, enhances, and gives life. In a sense having transformed the ugliness, or lead of life into gold ... and into a thing of beauty. - brad kalita

As the flower of youth fades and worldly tragedies and trials accrued, an apathy, fear and cynicism often takes hold. Many feel they have run out of time, built their lives on sand, no longer able to find a passion, vision or dream worthy of their greater selves, and therefore more or less give-up; To a degree a kind of living death. Failing to realize that up until the door from beyond beckons aging with wisdom has its compensations ...That the ever youthful goodness and light from their greater and truest of natures can grow ever brighter in wondrous ways to seemingly magically enhance and permeate their entire being.

It seems people tend to label and complicate such simple truths until it results in all kinds of convoluted fragmentation, exclusionism and resulting strife. Yet in spite of what others may do or whether alone thereís can still be the most precious of companions ... something one can believe in even if but for itís own sake, thereby purify and attract, an ultimately enable one to become one with; That which brings the comprehensive happiness, harmony, and nurturing of life ...Or simply by cultivating awareness and love for the finer nature in all things.

Life's foremost purpose is to teach ... to acquire wisdom, compassion & learn harmonious living ... all else is of lesser importance ... events observed & experienced reminders & guides.

A great barrier has been breached when one realizes their lower or limiting self is their most resistant adversary. Thereafter the way can be cleared and progress greatly increased. - brad kalita

The Wellspring of Life:

The other day I stumbled on a spring steeped in the woods ...Bending down to free an insect in a whirlpool I became aware of the enchanting fragrant verdant beauty of the foliage ...Butterflies, songbirds abounded everywhere along with an ambient freshness and purity beyond description.

I couldnít help but wonder how such a place could be reconciled with the harshness of life and how I could be a part of and retain such sublime serenity, wonder and beauty. Surprisingly the answer came immediately; As in nature stop thinking and start being ... and flowing. Think and feel what you must while simplifying and purifying the rest ... And start breathing naturally and deeply again ... Feels so-oo good!

The Eternal Spring: Gazing upon a flourish of wildflowers I also couldnít help but wonder how such could be internalized?

Again, an answer; Try to be all that gives and is life to oneself and all things - Do these things to eventually realize a inner bounty, richness and internal spring and peace beyond understanding.

You know the experiences and pain in life makes us think and learn, while goodness for its own sake, in spite of it all ... Purifies. Moving one beyond the limits of the mind to a freedom and "knowingness" and integration with the heart, and thereby wisdom ... And a transcendent whole new dimension and harmonious way of being and living. ~ brad kalita

... Like Sailing On A Warm Breeze:

You know life is dry and shallow without inspiration and believing in something greater than oneself, while more than anything everyone wants to be happy, Yet most are vainly waiting for someone or something they believe will cause, allow or enable them to be so. Unfortunately most people spend a lifetime stunted and constricted by such a perspective while dependent upon assumptions and circumstances, never realizing they could free themselves from conditional limitations and thereby open to realizing how to be content, and happy much more of the time. How?; By simply being happy for its own sake. In other words; If you like being happy or "in love" then "Be" in love and "Be" happy, not tomorrow, or based upon some contingency but Here and Now! ... Why? Because its continuously renewing to the mind, body and spirit and feels so-oo good!, not only for oneís self but everyone around you, which leads to all kinds of expanding benefits, practical and otherwise, which when eventually integrated, no one can really take away.

Think of all the internal problems individually and between humanity that naturally would be simplified and more harmoniously resolved if people were no longer just existing, waiting for external intervention, preoccupied with feeding their egos or grasping for things unsustainable and never enough or ever really make them happy, but rather substantially creating from within their own happiness and well-being. - bk

We've all watched a surfer gliding and sweeping through the swirling waves of effervescent blue and sensed the control, freedom and exhilaration derived. Seeing someone achieving excellence or greatness in business, the arts, sports or otherwise we all long in or own way to emulate in what we love most. Iíve been fortunate enough to achieve such, yet discovered on a continuum something far greater and canít help but wonder, given the boundless benefits why mankind doesnít aspire to as well.

We've gotten the impression that the fittest rule, yet Darwin comprehensive contextual findings stated "survival of the fittest" but twice, while compassion and co-operation 85 times and of greater significance and now being demonstrated by science: That both in nature and primitive societies that rather than competition, co-operation, democracy, wisdom and precognition and intuition of the heart are ultimately decisive in whatís best for the community and individual rather than a mechanistic societal hierarchy or the dominate male. Over accumulation/consumption, and hoarding seen as a form of insanity while all things interconnected in that even thoughts and feelings affects the whole.

Man hardwired for compassion; ... In that t he greatest elating elevating experiences of life blossoming from a foundation of genuine deep compassionate love and affinity and overriding desire and effort for the greatest possible harmony with all things.

We have created an unsustainable unnatural world in which the economy and winner takes all, and superficial trumps all. Unless enough people wake up and take action the planet's rapidly heading for a scenario in which balance will only return by a series of life threatening worldwide chaotic mega-disasters remedied only by a do or die new harmonious approach and lifestyle integrated with the integrity of the natural world.

For further detail and elaboration see film: I Am (...the solution). ~ bk

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