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Beyond Acculturation ...

Many find security and order by adopting religious beliefs, others long for or wonder, while some succumb to cynicism. Yet few realize the more one integrates with their higher-nature the less relevant such concerns, for when elevating into the greater-self one naturally evokes or creates the "sacred" ... Relevant religious and philosophical principles thereby merging and experienced as a whole - Qualifications transcended.

Might it be if God indeed exists we often unknowingly see or portray "him" as ourselves ... too small? That is, Would The Highest have the character attributed to an ego such as to requiring homage or damnation regardless of motive - Arenít these rather the projected traits and errors of men?

Can we presume to be able pass on such a comprehensive nature through mere words and uncompromised through the ages, let alone understand? Could there not be a finer more inclusive sense capable of reaching beyond our dependencies, suffocating in-growth, mental limits, perceived differences, complexities, "rigid-mortis" and other human vulnerabilities capable of evoking or creating such integrity inwardly and outwardly here and now?

- And could this most sensitive of preceptors not be innate ... within or "written" in the heart (as conveyed by Christ)?

Regardless, with due respect for all possibilities what would seem most crucial is not the belief in God but in Good - Not the promise of "heaven" but the aspiration towards the most encompassing harmony - Not the securance of salvation but the greater good.

Could it be rather than our higher-natures being reflective of such a deity, God is a reflection of our higher-natures - Evil rooted in ignorance - Such a perspective naturally attracting and manifest such qualities?

Right or wrong what is worthiest of consideration is the clarity and understanding derived from un-acculturation and direct experience of essence.

From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, thoughts for the day, photographs, literature,
poetry and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.


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