inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.


In Flight: over liquid gold ... then ...: Gathering Light ... a collection of sensual, spiritual, visionary dreamscapes, inspirational writings: poetry, short stories, prose and music. meditations, muses and mysticism, an esoteric journey of soul seeking transformation in white light experiences, out of body experiences, thoughts of the day, thoughts for the day, daily meditations, spiritual encounters and the divine from brad kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat.

People speak of the pleasures and freedom of flying an airplane, not realizing the ultimate experience of flight, though most similar to surfing and wind gliding - With their harnessing and artful unifying mastering of the currents ... Is "Spiritual Flight".

- Most apply described as similar the flight of the fun loving whimsical fantasy character Peter Pan, yet far more expansive and integrating …where with but a thought one turns or can pass through things while merging in the most intimate insightful perceptive ways.

- Just a part of what eventually awaits us on our incredible journey of refinement and evolvement through space, time and matter.

...”To the Beyond”.

Forward ~ ... into the Light ...


Back ~ In Honor of the Masters.

Gathering Light ... on the Shores of Paradise. Inspirational writings, literature, spiritual insights, mysticism, meditations, thoughts for the day, daily meditations, thoughts of the day, spiritual inspiration, out of body experiences, white light experiences, enlightenment, thoughts for the day, thoughts of the day, spiritual insights, spiritual inspiration, poetry, prose & music.