Wisdom of the Ages. Flowing like water, ever cleansing, ever present ...

There is an over-arching all-encompassing " universality ", an ageless wisdom that can heal not only body, mind and "spirit" but transcend differences, making all things possible. Such knowledge cannot be logically understood, only experienced . . . "known". It cannot be bought, taught, scientifically derive or defined, nor requires intellect, great faith or discipline to access.

The Gateway:  The Heart.
The Key:  Purification of Motive.

Steadfastly focusing deeply into ones heart (figuratively) in utmost open-minded honesty with the "highest-self / motives" able "universal knowledge" gradually permeates ones entire being. One begins to "reconnect" feel, think and act in balance and ways most beneficial to oneself, others and all things. An independent yet all-inclusive integrity, serenity, sweetness and wonder beyond that experienced as a child emerges expanding outward. Suffering, fear of aging, death, etc., begin to recede and be seen as phases (passages) or "doors" to ever greater wisdom, harmony and happiness.

In words it might be conveyed fundamentally as ... that which brings about the greatest sustainable harmony with the least suffering amongst all things, and more specifically as ...

Goodness for it own Sake: (here and now, without expectation of reward). Unreasonable Happiness: Tranquility & Harmony ( within wisdom, without reason or logic). Being in the "Higher-Self": Perceiving and evoking the finer sensibilities and nobility within self and others.

It's hard to imagine a more self-affirming, purifying or unifying aspiration the master(s) would want followed in order to "save" ourselves, fellowmen, & world. "Heaven's within ... truth written in the heart ... to free."

... Would the divine record, pass on or retain materially such treasures subject to loss, fragmentation, augmentation & alterations over time by man?

Rising above the bondages
of Righteousness, Dependence and Cynicism:

It would seems sensible and far more gratifying to avoid life's opportunity, and hardships becoming in vain. It's ultimate blessing unfulfilled by the dominant pursuit of temporary superficial gain or clouded by negativities: Cynicism, guilt, fear, etc., argumentation over "technicalities" or exclusive dogmatic adherences and condemnation, but derive "essence" directly.

*Within simplicity often lies the greatest truth and surest path ... it's never too soon nor too late. - bk

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