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Mankind's hopeful ascension from adolescence to maturity

Nature now lies subdued at man's feet. We now have the power to destroy or heal the earth.

Looking back historically, we can clearly see our excesses & how dangerous power without wisdom has been. We are finally beginning to understand our obligations to the human & natural communities, the interdependence show us all life should be treated respectfully, that there are no real boundaries, nor are we lords of this earth, but rather a part of its children, yet in order to heal all we must heal ourselves. We are afraid yet relieved for we intuitively know our past was unworthy of our higher nature. We now know our very existence & children's survival depend on transformation. This is not a time for despair or apathy, but perseverance and new ways of thinking and doing.

Don't let outside forces define you, advertisers mold you conventionalism trap you, government coerce you, industry use you or personal ambition and profit corrupt you.

You have a choice. Look to your heart. For dreams & visions can be more powerful than knowledge and facts, the mystery of life awaiting those with eyes to see and hearts to know. Each doing their part can awaken the inner potential for good and become the noble beings and civilizations meant to be.


Or Simply Stated:

Take care of yourself.

Take care of each other.

And take care of this place.


A Simple Path:

To Live Fully ... be Courageous

For from Courage comes Strength From Strength of Character ... Wisdom and from Wisdom: Peace ... Contentment ... and Happiness.

By what authority do I speak? ... the Greatest: "The Heart." The following prayer may further understanding.


Great Spirit ... help me choose an honorable means of living. Temper me in strength not to acquire more to be "better " than others but to overcome my greatest adversary ... Myself. Guide me on the trail of integrity: Respectful and compassionate towards all life -- ever seeking harmony and balance. Above all, teach me wisdom -- to be Free: so when the sun sets my spirit may return ... in Beauty and Serenity.


Faith ... Alternative Perspectives

Faith has its place and positive aspects, yet there's a broadly accepted aspect that has taken much of mankind down a narrow road contributing to his demise and now even threatens his survival.

Faith's greatest attraction fundamentally is a sense of order and security ... an investment often hard to modify or relinquish once adopted. Faith by its nature tends to ignore or discount conflicting information, personal growth often the casualty.

Faith's greatest benefits are realized when mated with the sincerest open - minded honesty directed towards the greatest sustainable un - going growth and encompassing harmony.

Mankind is at a cross-roads: With three-fourths of the world's population waiting for a "Savior" in the here or hereafter (although most adamantly disagree as to "the chosen" or "true faith") the focus tends to be on technicalities: How and when one can be "Saved", etc., rather than taking individual responsibility addressing critical issues such as over-population and ecological destruction.

Must we create or wait for an entity to evoke our higher natures or the promise of heaven in exchange for abiding by a particular faith? What is the inherent lesson here?

Those who sincerely hunger for truth realize the surer path is through tempered moderation and wise discernment and that the greatest benefits of faith are realized when remaining open to all possibilities, that one position can contain a diversity of truths yet be an integral part of a greater truth. That tolerance is but another facet of humility and compassion. And that if there be but one transcending aspiration and foremost commandment it would be to seek truth through love. Rather than create or wait for an entity to evoke our higher natures or the promise of heaven in exchange for abiding by a particular faith it would seem the simplest, most direct and self-purifying approach would be to base ones motives on that which brings about the greatest sustainable harmony amongst all things without further expectation of reward. Therefore regardless of religious or philosophical affiliations anyone cultivating such resulting unifying qualities would naturally come in alignment with the divine.

Why gamble by following the all-too-well-traveled road of cynicism, narrow mindedness or superficial living?

If the majority are fixated on hope, faith or ego and material gratification rather than prevention, progress and evolvement and if this is just a "planetary school" expendable for the sake of learning cause and effect and appropriate response then we're in for some very tough lessons ... bearing in mind presently faith is just that ... faith not fact.

Regardless, one thing we all know yet try to deny and delay: If we don't make some major changes starting individually then collectively we'll soon certainly destroy our precious planet

Therefore: Let us guard against cynicism, be open - minded, have hope and faith while taking personal responsibility here and now so we indeed save ourselves and world.

Renewing Democracy

Most realize our democracy is in peril from leadership in both parties that place their individual affluence above that of the common good.

We feel frustrated by the limits of our ablity to affect change, yet all corrections of injustices that inspired and swept the country had humble beginnings.

I am writing across the nation to ask the media and other fellow countrymen as a movement to initiate change and rise above differences and many forms of pork and bribery used to pacify, exploit and divide us and join to address the greater internal threat. The time has come when one must no longer take a position narrow and self-serving but sustainable and for the greater good of all.

Given the deplorable situation though anger may seem justified it must be displaced by the light of our higher natures to ennoble, inspire other and rise above obstacles.

Let us honor our traditions and the sacrifices of our forefathers and do our duty as real patriots and save our homeland while able.

It won't be time consuming or complicated while infinitely rewarding.


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