dancing in the wind: Gathering Light ... a collection of sensual, spiritual, visionary dreamscapes, inspirational writings: poetry, prose and music. meditations, muses and mysticism, an esoteric journey of soul seeking transformation in white light experiences, out of body experiences, thoughts of the day, thoughts for the day, daily meditations, spiritual encounters and the divine from brad kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat.


Dancing in the Wind ... from gathering light ... a collection of inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.

Shadows fall, gradually drawing evening's blanket ever so gently across the land. A breeze quietly begins to  steal its  way through the wilds, weaving its way to the hills & forests beyond. Leaves respond, rustling with an ageless voice, then begin to sway seemingly reaching outward to an ancient friend, the breeze, a welcome caress, then inward, almost playful, as if to capture in tender intimate embrace, as the trees together, with all things ... dance in the wind.


From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, thoughts for the day, literature,
poetry and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.

Forward ~ Beyond Compare


Back ~ Snowflakes are Dancing

Gathering Light ... on the Shores of Paradise. Inspirational writings, literature, spiritual insights, mysticism, meditations, thoughts for the day, daily meditations, thoughts of the day, spiritual inspiration, out of body experiences, white light experiences, enlightenment, thoughts for the day, thoughts of the day, spiritual insights, spiritual inspiration, poetry, prose & music.

Inspirational Writing & Original Music
with Scenic Highlights.

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Music ~ Savannahs ~ by Brad Kalita, author and composer
and founder of Gathering Light Retreat.

Spirited Visionary Dreamscapes ... Beyond Compare ~ Now & Then.