Health Tips - Include plants in your home:

Plants detoxify the living environments, whether at home or at work.

Natural air purifiers:

Plants not only reduce stress, but also improve your mental well-being, and rid the air of the organic chemicals and toxins that cause asthma and other ailments.

Here are a few that purify your home and office.

  • Snake plant since it's practically indestructible; the plant will remove toxins in rooms where no other plants will grow like areas with no windows. Keep one in your bathroom, work cubicle or any areas that have limited sunlight.

  • Rubber plant is best at removing indoor chemicals, such as formaldehyde (found in particleboard furniture and upholstery), benzene and ammonia. The rubber plant is also a great humidifier. Keep this plant anywhere you need a pretty plant that boosts moisture into the air.

  • Christmas cactus - because this plant gives off oxygen at night (most plants produce oxygen during the day), it is perfect for bedrooms, family rooms or any area that gets a lot of evening action. It's beautiful too.

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