prayer and meditation from the harbors of light collection: inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.

Prayer, Meditation and Healing?

A unique approach

* Removing the mental clutter, impediments and burden of the ego etc. to "connect" and manifest greater inner and outer harmony.

On every level all things to a degree are "alive" & in a sense possess individuality even though appearing as a whole singular. Each component or "individual" part needing continual recognition, appreciation & love for its optimal well being. It would be wise to appreciate how steadfast & wondrously one's body works together & its potential in part & whole given a multi-leveled intimate & loving relationship.

We often ask God or universe for something, yet with our prayers in the process mentally fill the "space" with thought, desire, images or otherwise rather than naturally allowing "God" in. Even the leanest of meditations recommend some focal point be used. If there indeed be a God, the divine or worthy something why not just empty our heads and implicitly invite it in ... to fill the space ... which is probably where "it" otherwise would naturally be anyway. - Not according to our terms or expectations, but just as it is and will: realizing that at times this may include no "response" - Nothing, therefore not always expecting gratification, thereby instilling greater independence and even temperment.

I have found by using such an approach upon clearing and opening myself I soon experience a gentle serenity, then a non-attached harmonious connectedness in which all things seem in perspective often followed by a "peace that passes all understanding".

Being sure to exclude the ego I may creatively enhance this state by seeing myself physically, mentally and otherwise as my optimal greater-self in comprehensive harmony.

Such a state even when un-enhanced can lead to a soothing healing energy massage -like inner "movement" ... physical yet non-physical (very pleasant and consoling) then luminosity throughout ... Something you don't feel, but do ... yet just as real ... As though having another sense, another body layered ethereally within ... something you don't see, but do ... As though having another eye that truly sees ... with the ability to experience a wholeness and satisfaction in which nothing more is desired and all is complete.

If there was or is a Garden of Eden perhaps such is akin to the continuous state which truly makes it real.

Regardless, I've discovered such an approach evokes practical as well as tangible improvement in well-being and relationships which carry over significantly into day to day living. I've also found such a state more sustainable if inserted when ever possible into ones normal daily routine.

Could this be a simpler more direct and natural way to connect with God, "universality" or our higher-natures while improving well-being? - bk

From the Harbors of Light Collection by Brad Kalita


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