A love for all things -
Transcending Worldly Barriers:

Our most effective method or instrument to dispel misconceptions and maintain health and a holistic wholesome well-being, is to vitalize as much as possible our higher, greater nature (or Christ Spirit) permeating our physical beings and overlaying ethereal bodies. To the degree one elevates one's self into his or her finer nature, this universal essence or life force, not only can neutralize all forms of negatives, but miraculously transform them into positives - Often soothingly experienced as being bathed in soft, warm, gentle light.

"For you will do as much, and even more ...
finding truth that frees the heart and the heavenly kingdom within" (Jesus Christ).

Awaiting your open-minded and open hearted discovery and presence: The final "frontier", most precious treasures, beautiful manifestations and ultimate state of being. - bk

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