The Transforming Nature of Water

Water is probably the most wondrous of substances in that it can have several distinct forms and properties depending on its environment and otherwise: Solid, liquid and vapor. To understand the multi-faceted elements of human beings as a whole in the larger picture it may be more comprehensible to make a comparison to the facets of water.

Solid State ... which we know all to well. Human similarities in the liquid state: Potential to let go, and just flow ... exempfied by the wise elder who fell into a raging river none had ever survived, and when asked how, he said; "Rather than struggle and exhaust myself I just allowed myself to flow over the rocks and rapids until reaching calmer waters" ... or another Chinese elder documented to have lived to over 250, also using Taoism based practices applied to daily living and more common circumstances. Vaporous State ... ethereal or spirit state, when in a state of transcendence or "passing over" - Or the timeless adage "the sum being greater than the parts" ... in scientific terms; "having continually evolving integrative emergent qualities".

Such deductions may be comforting as well as enlightening since they coincide with laws of physics regarding matter and energy never lost but transformed, thereby lending fascinating possibilities to human transformative potential. - bk

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