"Of Life & Light"...
An original approach to achieve higher
levels of youthful vitality, health and longevity

Since the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of everyone are interconnected one must always use a balanced wholistic approach. Conventionally this means of course adequate activity/exercise to include stretching to stay limber and not overeating, and healthy foods - Bearing in mind 80% of grocery stock foods are not really healthy, so one needs to be selective and preferably as vegetarian as able. Also, though the body has wonderful recuperative abilities, poor health habits have a negative cumulative effect, therefore it will likely take time before one's body can recover.

Nurturing the relatively unexplored mental and spiritual aspect of our being is when unconventional methods can be successful in rounding out and bring balance and thereby well-being back into our lives.

Here’s a practical method: Capture how you would feel if you were all you could be until it seems real. Then begin to disconnect from whatever things or desires that are making you feel that way (or really good!), yet maintain the same sense of well-being for its own sake, thereby realizing it was always there able to independently access or create. Then gradually integrate it into your everyday life filling “the void” with all that is good, "Of light and life".

Such a simple yet effective approach could be stated as; Maintaining as much as able one’s focus on the highest level of thinking, feeling, being and good to transcend worldly cares and realize an aliveness never before experienced.

Try it ... it works, and has a positive effect on others, while making you happy, healthy, and whole, along with aligning you with all that is worthy, of real power, harmonious and of enduring value, and with greater comprehension, expansion and refinement ... free.

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