Real Success & Happiness, or Enlightenment
& Salvation for Dummies ... Made fun!

Smooth as a smoothie: When you get the knack genuine success and happiness in some ways is effortless once realizing what’s of greatest value, for when aspiring to the greatest good for all things people will often naturally want to hire, work with, and even help, thereby benefiting while aiding you in becoming successful. Achieving a livelihood and having taken care of the basics you’re ready for the really good stuff!

Similar to Einstein's MC-Squared, simple yet profound: When you comprehend what is of lasting and greater value you become more connected or in sync with all of kindred motivation, somewhat as in physics when electrons are able to instantaneously “communicate” with each other over vast distances and like attracting like. You therefore begin to resonate and integrate with all that’s harmonious (and timelessness), which not only makes you very happy but positively energized from being enhanced and expanded by everything of similar vibration/motivation – Kinda-like hitching a serene luminous wave through the universe ...And you don’t have go incognito or wear sun-glasses because its inherently cool, and SEXY (don’t get excited, just kidding). Anyway, beats a hot dog or even a billion bucks any day …Or be concerned about being saved by committing to a faith at a later date, or trapped in your car during the rapture without a sun-roof, tell your analyst, join anything, need a middle man ...And No Cover Charges (Yahoo)!

And to think in large part the key to happiness and the big questions could turned out to be so simply (Mmm, seems almost disappointing, too breezy, no drama).

Well, I started this out as a serious metaphysical discourse, and wound-up with another comedy - Oh well, maybe next time ~ bwk

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