Tale of the Cater - "Pillar"

Once upon a time two caterpillars, like all young things fell in love to live contently, until one day he noticed his fellow caterpillars moving intently in one direction. Curiosity and ambition getting the best of him, (having gotten bored even with all the ways caterpillars can make-out) said farewell. After a long and tenuous journey he came to a strange sight; A Cater- "Pillar" reaching high into the sky. Thinking there must be something really special up there, started to climb. After a long struggle he neared the top where progress was measured in inches from clawing and crawling over others with many having fallen. Finally reaching the top to his amazement found; Nothing there!!!...and asked another trying to get back up again what was so special; "Nothing really ... but don’t tell anyone else because they won’t think you’re great for being on top". Appalled, he said the heck with this and returned to the simply life.

Eventually, after many years of contemplation and experience, he turned into a beautiful butterfly, to live happily-ever-after... Having realized:

A wise caterpillar (or person) on the path to greater comprehension does not seek to feel superior, dominate or compete with others, but rather desires equanimity by interacting in a manner that all may be winners, and content ... Nor does he act in kind to those who would attack him, but by intent naturally disarms while gently cultivating the seeds of friendship - Wanting for others all he desires for himself ... his sincerity true, his serenity and foremost aspiration in life and satisfaction; that which nurtures the greatest possible harmony amongst all things ... The ultimate realization, fulfillment, and state of being.

Two bodies of laws govern the universe. Those commonly known as the laws of nature as discovered by science, and those largely beyond the grasp of the mind referred in physics as the quantum realm (believed by some to interface the spiritual).

With everything to gain and nothing to lose: To apprehend, liberate and elevate oneself away from the baser laws of nature into the over-arching laws of the finer dimensions one must transcend the mind. This can be realized without great difficulty from a natural attraction. Upon realizing the comprehensive benefits not only to oneself but all things. Through the heart by purifying one’s motives, or simply cultivating an affinity for all things (…not as difficult as it may seem when realizing their finer essence).

... Love tempered and guided by wisdom is still the universal answer, ultimately decisive, and victorious. You see, fairy tales really can come true. - bk

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