Strange things can happen in a strange world; As when a person was peacefully sitting in their living room and suddenly a rock with a note tied to it came crashing through the window stating; "For window repair Call 1-800..." (Perplexed, the victim didn’t know whether to feel sorry for the lack of intelligence, compliment them for their innovative marketing, chalk it up to Karma, or maybe they’d just read too many Far Side comics?) Speaking of Karma, here’s a real twist based on a true study: An elite Israeli commando squad that tended to be over zealous in their retributive brutality while on missions, when regressed were found in their past life to be Nazis who tormented Jews ... And then there’s the former Ku Klux Clan member who was re-incarnated as a black man, persecutor of gays who game back as one ... And the man who beat his wife and dog then re-incarnated as a woman to receive likewise. (Being more evolved than most humans the dog did not have re-incarnate). Kinda makes you think twice about you do and where you might wind up doesn’t it?

"Non-recyclables": I can think of a North Korean leader with a bad haircut and a mucho Russian who like to show of his hairy chest.

Oh, my last name? ...I can’t even pronounce it. ( o ; - bk

Wisdom Tip: Having your life less cluttered and convoluted and freeing it up to enjoy the simple things in life, i.e., when something is really cheap or free keep in mind it’s likely you're really the product being sold through allowing access to your information passed around, wasting your time, created vices or otherwise ... including most new gadgetry The key words are: ...Keep it simple. Another mentally and physically beneficial health tip to keep in mind is to always "unplug" and allow for a quiet peaceful period at least once a day. You’ll be surprised how soothing nothing can really be. - bk

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