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spiritual inspiration - What to Believe In? & white light experiences.

I've experienced the inexplicable & inexpressible beauty & serenity of the "The Great White Light". Observed my physical body from above & beyond. Once threatened, facing death, felt only compassion, protection & indescribable peace. Observed golden "flakes" sparkling downward from the heavens. While alone felt my face stroked & "a voice." For hours occasion a oneness & flow with all things & incredible bliss ... such experiences & others initiated in a normal/unaltered state.

It would seem reasonable that I believe in the divine. Yet, I often feel agnostic. Why? No matter what religious, philosophical perspective explored, none justifies what seems unnecessary suffering. In nature this is a special dilemma.

Whereas man has ability to alleviate his own & others suffering, etc., animals do not. Evolutionary evolvement over millions of years seems cruel ... Even the explanations of the great religions seem inadequate & incomplete ... while mankind continues fragmented & adrift ... yet I cannot deny my wondrous experiences or give in to cynicism.

Above all, I am driven by self-honesty & purification of motive, which I believe the key to truth. Intellectually/culturally I am limited, yet my heart, though broken & longing, seems to know more ... Perhaps ones noblest potential requires facing a world of chaos, uncertainty, even hopelessness to distill the essence of soul ... or "goodness for its own sake". It is hard to imagine anything more productive, self-purifying or unifying ... while the worth of such self-affirming motives & qualities need no substantiation from logic, the divine or otherwise.

Gradually, as all is inevitably stripped from us, even "life" itself, it would seem the most purifying, enduring, fulfilling & worthwhile of endeavors.

Seeing differences as opportunities:

reconciling conflicting beliefs to create social and ecological harmony.

It seems above all mankind needs a unifying perspective to bridge the abyss and manifest sustainable harmony. - A "new" perspective yet ageless as wisdom itself, one that distills the essence, greater purpose and potential from the morass and stifle of acculturation while embracing the diversity and truth in all.

Humanity is at a cross-roads: With most of the world steeped in materialism, cynicism or depending on a "Savior" (though most disagreeing as to "the true and faithful") the focus tends to be on consumptive distraction, entrenchment or being "Saved" rather than taking individual responsibility addressing critical issues such as over-population and ecological destruction.

While cynicism's appeal may be indifference, faith's is a sense of ordered security, often assumed unchanged through the ages, interpreted as fact, creating tendencies toward superiority, exclusion and excesses.

Rather than succumbing to cynicism, egotism, self-limiting absolutes or the promise of heaven in exchange for abiding by a particular faith the simplest most direct approach would seem to base ones motives on that which brings about the greatest sustainable harmony amongst all things without further expectation of reward. Thereby, regardless of religious or philosophical affiliations anyone cultivating such unifying qualities would inherently be in alignment.

Those who hunger for truth, realize faith's greatest benefits when recognizing one position is but an integral part of a whole or diversity of truths - That tolerance is another aspect of humility and compassion. - And if there be one transcending aspiration it would be to seek truth.

Could the ego be but a self-made security-blanket, and when realizing the comprehensive worth of one's individualized higher-nature a natural attraction and manifestation occurs. - Evil, ignorance, therefore man’s dilemma not one of human-nature but perspective? That "the truth that frees" is "written in our hearts," and cannot be materially retained or adequately understood…only experienced. - The divine diversely present in all creation, evoked through compassionate affinity?

Rising above righteousness and cynicism: Such a perspective doesn't exclude the existence of divine guidance, but rather opens the possibility of greater comprehension. And if an entity be essential to further evolvement then anyone openly seeking truth would naturally come to such an acknowledgement, thereby establishing an interim harmonious foundation while reconciling perceived differences.

People of physics know that the distinction between past, present, and future an illusion, a human part of an inseparable mysterious beauty and whole. - The source of all true art and science. – Einstein

It would seem experience mated with time are necessary to apprehend and instill simple harmonious living: Persisting in balance trying to do one's best while minimizing negativity and cultivating empathy manifesting the deepest comprehensive affection, knowledge and fulfillment.

Truth, goodness and beauty for their own sake. - It's hard to imagine a more self-purifying, affirming, unifying distillation of the essence of our higher-nature or the divine.

Perhaps this is humman kind's greatest lesson.

Spiritual Inspiration: The Nature of "Truth"

Some original thoughts: To help solve problems personally, locally & world - wide one must try to understand the nature of truth:

The more inflexible the adherence to absolute truth the greater the inherent contradictions, exclusion & tendency towards counter productive results. Recognizing & practicing "the diversity of truth" is wisdom in blossom. Compromising all the "diverse truths" & constantly counter-correcting the "over-all truth" is realized dynamically in nature as a constantly adjusting balancing, tolerant, har- mony. The practice of overall truth is not optional, but a necessity. The greater non - appliance the more disharmony & potential for destruction. It is important to recognize "truth" can & does change with time ... so when one states a truth in reference to a period it may no longer be as true pre- sently. The greatest "over-all" truth or equilibrium, is achieved by the compromise of all components in accordance with the degree of truth contained within each components "truth". Since balance & tolerance is critical to the sustainability & welfare of all, non-adherence, ignorance & abuses etc. of these practical truths bear considerable negative consequences. There is simply no way around the integral application of these principles without eventual strife & suffering ... cheat "the system" & you cheat yourself at greater net loss.

It's simple, complex & contradictory all at once . . . & yet it works.

Supported by the biography: Beautiful Mind, &
Nobel awarded: Efficiency of Economy.

A More Inclusive Vessel.

We are in a crucial stage in man's history in which everything must be re-examined and modified: Energy, economics, science, politics and religion. Traditional views, to a large extent, have been counter-productive. All must become less exclusive, monolithically dom- inating, man-centered and more focused on the integrity of the whole. - Just as in the past when cultures or religions evolved, i.e., Christianity, as a result of endless brutality and need of hope, Islam as a result of warlord territorialism and need for cohesion.

We have seen the excesses and prevalence of narrowly interpreted competing cultural aspects, i.e., economically: Increasing affluent and corporate domination. Socially: Environmental degradation from over-population often due to social and religious attitudes, faith viewed as fact, used as a condemnation and reward system, submission often exploited or seen as a self-serving spring-board to heaven, while lacking integral compassionate affinity for the natural world and its inter-connected life support systems.

Rather than severing this great tree of many branches, the time has come to prune, to allow healthy growth and provide a larger more inclusive vessel to prevent becoming fatally in-grown.

The masters cautioned there would be much spoken that would not be fully understood, and greater comprehension and refinement would follow. Thousands of years have passed and much has become self-evident or revealed through those of open heart and mind. Given present critical circumstances, it would seem that time has come for all to make a leap forward.

Man a reflection of god, or god a reflection of man.

Many find security and order by adopting religious beliefs, others long for or wonder, while some succumb to cynicism. Yet few realize the more one integrates with their higher-nature the less relevant such concerns, for when elevating into the greater-self one naturally evokes or creates the divine ... Relevant religious and philosophical principles thereby merging and experienced as a continuum and whole, qualifications transcended.

Might it not be possible if God does indeed exist we often unknowingly see or portray "him" as ourselves ... too small? Can we presume to be able pass on such a comprehensive nature through mere words let alone understand? Would there not be a finer more inclusive sense capable of reaching beyond our mental limits and human vulnerabilities?

Regardless, with due respect for all the possibilities what would seem most crucial is not the belief in or existence of God but the belief in good - Not the promise of heaven but its manifest- ation - Not the securance of salvation but the greater good.

Could it be rather than our higher-natures being reflective of God, God is a reflection of our higher-natures?

Given the possibility of such potentials wouldn't it wise not to depend upon the existence of the divine nor assume its reflection or equivalent doesn't already exist within, but rise above perceived differences and complexities and assure its presence by evoking or creating it outwardly here and now through the most sensitive of preceptors: The heart.

Affirmation: Seek and you shall find, for heavens at hand ... within. - The truth written in the heart ... to free.

Footnote: The nature of my philosophy is to remain open to all possibilities, place truth above all else in order to grow, yet I see little difference between man's higher-nature and God, nor even the requirement of such an entity, or for that matter one of evil, which for the most part I attributed to ignorance, i.e. Would God have the character attributed to an ego such as to requiring homage or damnation regardless of motive. Are these not the traits of men rather than God?

Is not the content more important than the package, the essence rather than the presentation?

This view has nothing to do with arrogance on my part but of purification of motive and deep longing for the greatest good, for if such aspirations exist in myself they surely exist in others and most certainly in God.

If I'm right it does not really matter nor if I'm wrong, the point being it's the essence of such qualities that is of most importance and worthiest of emulation.

- Might such a perspective more naturally attract and manifest such qualities?

Meditation & Prayer? A Unique Approach.

* Removing the mental clutter, impediments and burden of the ego, etc. to "connect" and manifest greater inner and outer harmony.

We often ask God or universe for something, yet with our prayers in the process mentally fill the "space" with thought, desire, images or otherwise rather than naturally allowing "God" in. Even the leanest of meditations recommend some focal point be used. If there indeed be a God, the divine or worthy something why not just empty our heads and implicitly invite it in ... to fill the space ... which is probably where "it" otherwise would naturally be anyway. - Not according to our terms or expectations, but just as it is and will: that at times this may include no "response" - Nothing, therefore not always expecting gratification, thereby instilling greater independence and even temperament.

I have found by using such an approach upon clearing and opening myself I soon experience a gentle serenity, then a non-attached harmonious connectedness in which all things seem in perspective often followed by a "peace that passes all understanding".

Being sure to exclude the ego I may creatively enhance this state by seeing myself physically, mentally and otherwise as my optimal greater-self in comprehensive harmony.

Such a state even when un-enhanced can lead to a soothing healing energy massage - like inner "movement" ... physical yet non-physical (very pleasant and consoling) then luminosity throughout ... Something you don't feel, but do ... yet just as real ... As though having another sense, another body layered ethereally within ... something you don't see, but do ... As though having another eye that truly sees ... with the ability to experience a wholeness and satisfaction in which nothing more is desired and all is complete.

If there was or is a Garden of Eden perhaps such is akin to the continuous state which truly makes it real.

Regardless, I've discovered such an approach evokes practical as well as tangible improvement in well-being and relationships which carry over significantly into day to day living. I've also found such a state more sustainable if inserted when ever possible into ones normal daily routine.

Could this be a simpler more direct and natural way to connect with God, "universality" or our higher-natures while improving well-being?

spiritual inspiration: reconciliation & empathy

I do not invite a revisit of the past, but an opportunity to share the future ... a-fresh, based upon the most progressive perspective & attitude available at a given moment - bk.

... a letter of reconciliation  - bk

Do not think I don't empathize.

I think empathy is an important lesson we must all learn, which is easy to forget over time & over-react in the chaos of day to day to dealings & moods of which we are all susceptible to. It is so easy for all of us to lose our perspective & place pride & above the far more important lesson of learning how to create harmonious relationships. For when we can begin to rise above ourselves on a personal level then we can begin to locally & internationally as well ...There is much we may not be aware of or willing to consider at a given moment therefore it is essential to keep an open mind ... & forgive in order to start over again, & again if necessary until we get it right.


If inclined to look at me as a personal example ...

There have been & likely will continue to be inconsistencies though my words be sincere & from the heart. Therefore forgive me as I forgive, now & in the future. Thereby relinquishing pre-mature or un-realistic expectations that we may continue to grow together ... in ever greater compassion.

old buildings & people.

I have some older buildings. Some seeing their weathered rusticity view them as shacks, others as quaint, but I know otherwise - knowing what has gone into them & what they have been through.

It occurred to me that people are much that way as they grow older: The lines in their faces from what they've endured  -  The bend in their backs from the pain & the burden from what they have born.  -  The light within having grown a character more beautiful & luminous than the former outward glow of youth.

Perhaps like those old buildings & people by looking more to & from the heart we could enrich our lives & better see & understand the real value, nature & purpose of all things.

the best for last.

... each stage of life has its compensations, even old age.

As a society we tend to view advanced age negatively. Youth, especially in its prime is idealized, yet in mid-life we tend to look upon youthful foolishness & the senility of old age with equal condescension. When oldsters act oddly or in an aggravated manner due to loss of mobility or "warehousing" etc we give them drugs with debilitating side effects repressing their immune systems, often encouraged by myopic profit oriented "health" providers, thereby short-circuiting the beneficial aspects of the natural aging & dying process.

My father has long been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a label which immediately categorized him as having anti-social characteristics. Yet I have always viewed him as "just old" & under- standably prone to moods of frustration. Yet when I talk to him not at him & really with him I can have intelligent & stimulating conversations on the deepest mutually rewarding levels. Doctors have expressed their amazement as to how well he has done without drugs & caretakers confided how others had degenerated.

Past cultures were far more intuitive & inclusive ... the age-ed honored & their occasional strangeness seen as naturally re-connecting/orientating prior to "passing-over." A more enlightened approach could provide the last of life stages to be the greatest: Of growth, insight, & wisdom ... "the flowering of the soul".

Therefore take comfort & wisdom regarding your age-ed loved ones & your own demise, while allowing & nurturing ... "The Best for Last".

For the greater benefit of all ... spiritual inspiration, poetry of white light experiences, prose

There is far too much polarization politically and otherwise, rooted in unawareness. It would seem more than anything everyone wants to be happy. Many having given up - Succumbing to the small comfort of cynicism, the self-limited security of conventionalism, void-filling of consumerism or distraction in stimulation or ego gratification. Ironically once steadfastly committed personal happiness and harmony are far easier to maintain than remaining discontent.

Happiness is essentially quite simple: As long as you are trying your best to be in your "greater or higher self" in the present moment, regardless of circumstance, you will be happy, knowing in your heart having transcended such qualification as winning, losing or fault while moving ever closer to that most comprehensive and universally enduring.

True and lasting happiness requires heart, an open mind, growth and courage, and can be acquired through inspiration - By having a constant vision of one’s full potential and awareness of what is of greater value and tight focus. - Realizing we are all our worst enemies.

Such an endeavor and perspective naturally leads to greatness - Not to be great, but in balance, free, and nobly enlightened to the greater benefit and harmony of all things.


There are three essential questions we all ask ourselves:

Who am I, What’s the purpose "of all this", and why do things seem so unfair. When left unanswered, they result in variable degrees of neurosis or socially pathological behavior.

  • Who am I?: Everyone harbors the aspect of true greatness beyond ego, which can be realized through the cultivation of one’s greater or higher nature, and experienced to a degree or continuum as peaceful harmony, blissful unity, and love beyond compare.

  • From Eden back to Eden - So what's the point?: Manifesting into the physical emphasizes contrasts experienced conducive to internalizing what's of real value, while having evolved to the point of individual self-awareness versus original ambiguity of innocence expands and enhances the potential for more appreciative comprehensive fulfillment.

But why do things seem so inexplicable and unfair?:

  • Consider: Could ego be but a security blanket and in reality a hindrance and burden? Evil basically stemming from ignorance - Would anyone be "bad" are indifferent for long if aware they're short-changing or cheating themselves of the far greater gratification of their higher nature? Unfairness: Could it be just as we learn through the suffering of others and they in turn learn through ours - The chaos of the world to learn goodness for its own sake and reward? The root of all suffering is related to ignorance, and at some level learning and evolvement towards an ultimate state of happiness, harmony and well-being. Cultivating an open mind and heart transcends ego and cultural influences while expanding awareness of the unlimited wondrous beauty of one's greater and finer nature, creating a natural attraction which eventually overcomes all impediments to attain a timeless being-ness magnificent beyond words.

Distractions ... spiritual inspiration, poetry of white light experiences, prose

I was getting very excited, for I had realized I was reaching a level of excellence in an area which had always inspired me which was becoming a dominant focus in my life; Then I realized something I already knew but now really came home: That if recognition did actually come, and possible fame and fortune I would likely take it to an ever higher level ... for the rest of my life.

Well excitement is fine, it's stimulating and highly motivating - But also turbulent, and like spice and sugar an enhancement, and complementary if kept in proportion and balance within the whole. Having become aware of this I realized if I didn’t get my values in perspective I would fool and cheat myself out of the far greater well-being and happiness from cultivating an elevating lifestyle and regimen conducive to cultivating inward peaceful harmony promoting outward lasting fulfillment.

I determined I would not allow myself to deprive myself of what I always would realize and want above anything else - The totality of what I really was: My greater, finer and comprehensive higher nature.


* While it may seem overly idealistic and therefore inconsequential to write of such things, it cannot be denied that action is proceeded by thought - The more inspirational the greater harnessment of will, and thereby possibility of realization. For all insights and movements whether great or incremental that further elevated mankind were in doubt and of humble beginnings.

From the Harbors of Light Collection by Brad Kalita.

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