You ask me why I write ... inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.

Why do you write?

BK: Because it's only natural to express that which one loves.

In response to a fellow writer: Yes I too wonder at times after having written something of inspiration, where did it come from, and then I realize ... & know, it came ... from all of us. ~ BK

Do you consider yourself "enlightened" or prophetic?

BK: No, although at times to varying degrees reflecting such qualities, my present evolvement increasingly shifts from the mundane to the inspired or "higher nature". My confidence/authority cultivated from delving deeply into the heart & "tuning in" to what I call "all inclusive knowledge" resulting in an inexplicable knowingness, guidance & continuous growth founded upon harmonic, compassionate open-mindedness & acceptance of the diversity of truth. This capability is inherent with the right attitude & purification of purpose. "Connecting" anyone inspired can speak truth worthy of emulation, for human frailty/inconsistencies neither change nor diminish truth's value, therefore, cynicism unjustified.

If ever renowned or popularized, I ask myself honestly & on the deepest levels what worldly personal gains might be derived. I was encouraged to realize that greater understanding & simplification then broadest application of the essence of harmonious inter-relating not only eclipsed but surpassed all other motivations. It's important to understand: while there is a considerable diminishment of returns in the further pursuit of ego & material gain, just the opposite is true in the spiritual realms. On a personal level, my ultimate goal is to fully integrate & flow naturally with that which is aligned & manifests the greatest sustainable harmony or greater good. Make no mistake, this is far more than an intellectual endeavor, being all inclusive in nature.

One of humankind's biggest mistakes is the expectation of those who speak of divine principles to also demonstrate them fully in living, failing to realize the varying degrees of human frailty thereby becoming disillusioned with the conveyor of such truths, or even truth itself. This reaction is not uncommon and should not be used as an excuse to become cynical or give up. All carry within a divine spark. In some it is a candle, in a few a fire, in others an occasional flicker. I consider my truth at present as a candle, at times bright, and others dim, subject to the effects of the wind, yet never entirely extinguished, presently more of a conveyor, yet ever progressing in the embodiment. I realize I am unworthy and often humbled to speak in the manner which I have taken on myself, yet I feel an inexplicable natural calling, realizing my present role as a reflector. An individual being seen as a source of truth can pose a problem for followers, for they often develop a personality cult, etc., ... to see, hear and touch, rather than listen, integrate and "be." In other words, looking outwards, rather than inward where truth may be found .

Do you believe Christ savior & the Bible word of God?

BK: "I feel a great affinity for the masters & reverence for the Bible, etc., unfortunately, they've suffered institutionalization, modification, exploitation & often narrow superficial interpretations, i.e., nearly devoid of reference/compassion for non-human inhabitants & exclusive: Salvation largely based upon details/technicalities, & negativities as motivators: Fear, guilt/condemnation or rewards in the hereafter when it's hard to imagine a more encompassing, inherently purifying or productive singular aspiration the masters would want embraced than goodness for its own sake here & now without expectation of reward.

You decline comment or debate of some questions/issues ... Why?

BK? If the intent is malicious, petty or likely to result in non-constructive dialogue it's counter productive.

I have a saying: Ten steps upward, nine steps back ;(and everything in-between) ...just try
and remember the one forward ... that constructive step leading to the final one - bk

P.S.   And please ... Don't whip the donkey while on the way to church.

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