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Thesis Summation

wisdom of the ages, a new perspective from Brad Kalita ... inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.

prelude to on the shores of paradise by Brad Kalita: Rising above cycnicism, righteousness and dependence ... gathering light ... a collection of inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.

There is something self-affirming all can believe and act upon that need not require faith, etc. to  "Save " ourselves, fellowman & world.

I would like to present a kinder more essential personal prospective neither dependent or exclusive of other viewpoints or faiths accessible to all of open mind and heart.

It would seem above all mankind needs a unifying perspective to bridge the abyss and manifest sustainability and harmony. A new perspective yet ageless as wisdom itself, one that distills the essence, greater purpose and potential from the morass and stifle of acculturation ... a perspective self-affirming by nature, comprehensive yet comprehensible while directly accessible to all: The religiously oriented, agnostic or otherwise ... by its very nature, simplicity & directness resistant to disparagement, exploitation, categorization, rigidity, and other maladies neither religious nor non-religious, its inherent integrity rising above the worldly fog: The bonds & bounds of science, conventionalism and historical belief ... A perspective whose universal nature transcends dif- ferences while embracing diversity and the truth in all.

I feel humbled & unworthy to speak of such things, yet cannot deny the inexplicable or evident need. Therefore, look not to the conveyor but within the heart openly & deeply with purity of motive for guidance & understanding.

There is an over-arching all-encompassing universality, an ageless wisdom, ever flowing, that can heal not only body, mind & spirit but transcend differences, making all things possible. Such knowledge cannot be logically understood, only experienced ... known. It cannot be bought, taught, scientifically derived or defined, nor requires intellect, great faith or discipline to access.

Seek and you will find ...

The vale between heaven & earth like a fog is created by ignorance and dissipated by ever-greater light emanated from the heart. When one looks with consistency deeply to the heart (figuratively) in utmost open-minded honesty with the highest-self & motives able universal knowledge gradually permeates. One begins to reconnect feel, think & act in balance and ways most beneficial to oneself, others and all things. An independent yet all-inclusive integrity, serenity, sweetness & wonder beyond that experienced as a child emerges expanding outward. Suffering, fear of aging, death etc begin to recede & be seen as passages or doors to ever greater wisdom, harmony & happiness.

Ever - present ... Ever- lasting

... the heart's all-encompassing illuminating beauty.

This higher or greater-self is a manifestation of the center of the heart which is pure and as a holograph incorporating all knowledge and aspects of the universe, its all-inclusive realms accessible through the cultivation of purification of motive.

As the higher-self gains dominion events experienced as suffering begin to fall away followed by refinement leading to every greater wisdom and happiness ... The blossoming of the soul. Upon dwelling in one's true home the comprehensive nature of salvation, enlightenment and heaven may be experienced as an evolved entity or the timeless elation and serenity of the unified field.

The masters throughout the ages essentially concur: Heaven's within ... the truth written in our hearts to free.. For such truths, and knowledge by their nature cannot be understood by the limitations of the mind only experienced, known through the breath and depth of the heart -Manifest qualities such as kindness being of far greater value and enduring character than all other endeavors in life.

This is where the journey of chaos ends and another begins: one of wisdom, tenderness, beauty and lasting serenity, the real treasures ...

The heart being the portal to our greater selves and realm of our true home, illuminated in ever greater splendor by purification of motive, goodness for its own sake and compassion for all things. It is hard to imagine anything inherently more self-affirming, productive, self-purifying, or unifying distillation of the essence of the sacred.

This is the essence, the shift in perspective, emphasis and integrity needed to begin to experience here and now all one needs to become and remain free. Conveying to the simplest of men a knowledge and well-being greater than those having acquired the greatest material and intellectual power on earth. - And with time and refinement so much more as to be magnificent beyond words.

Such esoteric insights could outwardly be expressed as: Perceiving and evoking the finer sensibilities in self and others. Minimizing negativity. Open-minded progressive self-honesty. Compassion and kindness within wisdom. All inclusiveness. We already know the qualities, in other words, Goodness For Its Own Sake. It is hard to imagine a more inherently self-affirming, purifying or unifying aspiration the master(s) would want followed.

Rising above Cynicism, Righteousness and Dependence

Faith's greatest attraction fundamentally is a sense of order and security . . . an investment often hard to modify or relinquish once adopted. Faith is not fact, but faith, passed down through the ages subjected to the possibility of alteration and exploitation and therefore cannot be assumed absolute, for the greater the adherence to absolutes the greater the tendencies toward contradictions, exclusion and excesses. Therefore to refrain from abuses and allow personal growth the adaptation of faith requires continual circumspection.

Those who sincerely hunger for truth realize the surer path and the greatest benefits of faith are realized through wisdom gained when remaining open to all possibilities: That one position can contain a diversity of truths yet be an integral part of a greater truth. That tolerance is but another facet of humility and compassion. And that if there be but one transcending aspiration and foremost commandment Therefore regardless of religious or philosophical affiliations anyone cultivating such unifying qualities would inherently come in alignment with the divine.

Rather than create or wait for an entity to evoke our higher natures or the promise of heaven in exchange for abiding by a particular faith it would seem the simplest, most direct and self-purifying approach would be to base ones motives on that which brings about the greatest sustainable harmony amongst all things without further expectation of reward. ld naturally come in alignment with the divine.

Rising above righteousness and cynicism: Such a perspective does not necessarily exclude the existence of God or universal guidance but rather opens the possibility of greater comprehension. Though God may exist it is the essence or qualities represented that is worthiest of integration. And if an entity be essential to further evolvement then anyone taking such an approach would naturally come to such an acknowledgement, thereby reconciling apprehensions and perceived differences while establishing an interim harmonious foundation by seeking the most comprehensive realization of truth above all else.

It would seem experience mated with time is necessary to apprehend and instill harmonious living and remind us of the comprehensive worth of our individualized greater nature, persisting in cultivating simplicity and compassionate affinity while minimizing negativity and trying in balance to do ones best bringing far greater empowerment while gradually manifesting in return the deepest comprehensive affection, knowledge and fulfillment - In the East it would be called Relinquishment, in the West; Surrendering, in the Heart; An Affirmation.

For within the heart and that which manifests outward there-from, such as the qualities of kindness are of far greater value, influence and of enduring character than all other endeavors in life ... remembered and treasured above and beyond all else.

Many are the self-limiting insecurities and diversions on the road to the sacred.

  • Belief in a Prophet or Savior?

    How can one affirm the unproven, degree existed, if biasedly recorded, exaggerated, distorted, etc (the norm over time).

  • Faith?

    Faith has its positives and place, but is the assumption of not necessarily the truth. Inherent problem: Ignoring and discounting other possibilities thereby potentially limiting growth. Downside: Exclusive dogmatism, exploitation, extremism, etc.

  • Saved? Sinned ... Forgiven?

    Logic and compassion dictate: Change, Compensate ... and progress.

    Aspiring to the higher-self one should not be concerned or argumentative over technicalities but strive for Essence.

    Must we create, wait, have an entity convey the obvious ... to forgive, heal, a placebo to change, reason to be happy or promise of heaven in exchange for abiding by a particular faith. What is the inherent lesson in this?

Genuine freedom and contentment lie in non-attachment.

... Attachment to things, people, concepts/religion, entities etc ... even God ... Though God may exist and embody that which seems worthy of worship & emulation & inseparable it is what he or it essentially represents in essence which are of greater importance, value & worthiest of personal and universal dedication/commitment i.e. kindness, heart centeredness & purification. Whether referred to as the Christ or Buddha within the greater or higher-self is neither dependant or exclusive of such entities or faiths ... its higher realms accessible to all seeking wisdom, purification of motive and goodness for its own sake. That within the heart & which manifests outward there-from ... the qualities of kindness, are of far greater value, influence & of enduring character than all other endeavors in life remembered & treasured above & beyond all else.

Most are consoled in life by the adaptation of religion and/or the gratification derived from worldly achievements. Though such endeavors may have considerable merit it is the boundless higher-self rising above the worldly fog unhindered by acculturation which gains the higher ground & greater perspective.

Essentially all one needs to face, resolve or rise above the travails of life and fulfill its greater purpose can be found within the higher-self ... or heart. Drawing directly with purification of motive distills from the impurities of acculturation and ego essence integrating dignity and humility while lending clarity and insight into the mysteries of life.

Perhaps the intentional purpose of a world of confusion and suffering is purification of motive, and that which brings about the greatest sustainable harmony amongst all things without further expectation of reward the basis for all else.

Regardless of religious or philosophical affiliations anyone cultivating purification of motive and the resulting unifying qualities would be in alignment with the divine ... including the agnostic or atheist.

" ... for there are many rooms in my mansion ".

Rising above . . .

It would seems sensible and far more gratifying to avoid the opportunities of life, and hardships becoming in vain, unfulfilled by the dominant pursuit of temporary superficial gain or clouded by negativities: Condemnation, cynicism, guilt, fear, etc., argumentation over technicalities or exclusionary dogmatic adherences, but derive essence simply and directly.

Perhaps the simplest path is the surest.

Could it be that rather than man's highest nature being a reflection of God that the most refined conception of God is a reflection of man's higher nature? - Or if a noble God does indeed exist having evolved to one's highest levels there are no longer any meaningful differences?

... And if there not be the divine let us create it outwardly from our hearts here and now and thereby make it real.

Such an aspiration steadfastly pursued conveying to even the simplest man a knowledge and well being greater than those who have achieved the greatest status, wealth and power on earth.

It is never too late ... or too soon.

~ Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat ~

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From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, thoughts for the day, literature, poetry
and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.

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