inspirational writings, spiritual inspiration, thoughts for the day, poetry, prose, stories: higher self, personal growth, spiritual encounters, out of body experiences and white light experiences, from Brad Kalita, founder of gathering light ... a retreat located near crater lake national park in southern oregon.

The sea sparkled effervescent. A seabird & then another trailed my stern.
I discovered the island I had sailed nearly a thousand miles
had rendezvoused with during the night ...

The sun was beet red, hanging as a lantern in the evening sky.
Inland the mountain crests revealed their entourage of lush tropical palms.
Here & there a ray of light escaped to reach the lakes below ...
like pearls within their setting.

Following a narrow path up the spur of the mountain ridge;
breaking through the dense foliage, the morning mist parted to reveal a
magnificent view of thick forests and lagoonal beaches. The contrast between blue-green
tidal waters & bright green tropics shrouding the hillsides was striking. To the east,
waterfalls feathered, spreading their sparkling contents on rocks below while the sun
rippled sister lakes adding a opal fluorescent hue to the rugged highlands.

Here it seemed, Life paused then began again ... & somehow waited for me.

from "Islands of the Mind " by Brad Kalita.

From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, thoughts for the day, literature,
poetry and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.


Forward ~ Paradise Hidden?


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