Morning light on the oregon coast.

"The Sum Is Greater than the Parts":

The multi-faceted elements of human beings as a whole may be more comprehensible when compared to the facets of water. Water is probably the most wondrous substance having several distinct forms/properties depending on environment: Solid, liquid and vapor. Solid State ... which we know well. Human similarities in liquid state: letting go, and just flowing ... exemplified by the wise elder who fell into a raging river surviving by not struggling and exhausting himself but rather flowing over the rapids until reaching calmer waters. Vaporous State ... ethereal/spirit state, as in transcending or "passing over." In scientific terms; Matter and energy never lost but transformed ... "having continually evolving integrative emergent qualities". Such deductions may be comforting and enlightening since they coincide with laws of physics, lending fascinating possibilities to human transformative potential.

Life-after-Life based on personal, thousands of documented cases/independent studies (i.e. Evidence: Those experiencing an "Out-of-body" experience often see/report things they couldn’t possibly have seen/known lucidly yet brain-dead ... including born blind. Very young unacculturated children have same experiences as adults ... as well as relating in ancient languages. Core experiences independent of country/cultural or pre-religious beliefs. Contrary to claimed as stress induced, often situationally non-threatening spontaneous events.

"The Unified Field": Before returning earthbound "Near-Deaths" often met by loved ones, animals, highly-evolved "guides", Christ/God. Experiencing surroundings of luminous/radiant harmony and great beauty ( ... parallel spiritual earth). Any questions/concerns satisfactorily answered, then consciously deleted for future learning purposes. Free-Will/Choice: Detailed review made of one’s life during a wonderful restful period prior to corrective co-strategy ... including optional race, gender, planet, and whether to re-incarnation to accelerate benevolent/beneficial growth. For teaching progressive/evolvement purposes unless previously reconciled, abuses inflicted are likewise experienced. Suicide non-resolving, unless for endless physical pain or altruistic.

"Ye shall do even greater things" – Jesus: Through persistent effort, varied life situations and resulting acquired wisdom, eventually an ultimate magnificently blissful eternal multi-dimensional state of incredible opportunities and abilities is achieved.


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