Im going to tell you a little story ... a true story. I know, because I was there.

There once was a quaint little "village", actually quite unique, idyllically tucked into a river hollow ... fairly average as people go, with all sorts living there: Liberals, conservatives, loggers, Indians, cowboys, hippies, "yippies", new-agers, misfits, atheists, including moderates to fundamentalists of various faiths ... and a few I've yet to figure out. Anyway, as most places with human short-comings, everyone had their problems with one another ... at times pretty hard. Then someone started being friendly and helpful to others without reason ... even to those with little in common, or otherwise unfriendly. Most did not make much of it at first, thinking it rather odd or somewhat suspicious ...genuine friendliness and helpfulness becoming kinda abnormal and all. Still the person kept it up ... for quite a while. Then one winter this person was injured, unable to move. This person could have died from exposure or lack of attention. Word got out. Before long most everyone started helping in all kinds of ways until this person was well again. .

But that's not all. Another helpful person, feeling unappreciated, exclaimed; "No one likes or really cares about me." Not long after, while this person was driving on the highway, the wheel came off the car, and without asking, drivers of four vehicles showed-up to help.

Thereafter more and more people in the neighborhood were being helpful to one another ... even the "hard-to-figure-outers"; Friendlier, kindlier ... And drop-in, have a cookie ... or just to laugh at one another. Still, there are difficulties ... though not as many. I guess people see things differently now, not so much "their problem" as "ours" Discovering they can work-out, let-go-of-it or rise above most anything. Anyway, everyone seems happier and more secure, and not only liking others more, but themselves as well.

... And it just keeps getting better. - bk


From the Harbors of Light Collection: Inspirational writings, short stories, literature,
poetry and prose from Brad Kalita, founder of Gathering Light ... a retreat.

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